Youth Participation

As the Chilliwack Outdoor Club does not have members who are under the age of 19, the practice that the Club uses for youth to join activities is as follows:

Prior to the Activity

  1. The responsible adult/relative/parent contacts the activity coordinator/organizer, and the activity coordinator/organizer agrees that the youth can participate. This requires a discussion of the demands of the activity, and the capabilities of the youth.
  2. The youth and a parent or guardian, completes and signs the Acknowledgement of Risk form, and gives it to the activity coordinator/organizer. This is an insurance requirement. The Acknowledgement of Risk is similar to, but different from the Waiver of Liability, in that a youth CANNOT waive liability under current laws.

During the Activity

  1. The youth remains in the care of the responsible adult/relative/parent that brought them to the activity for the entire duration.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.